Do-It-Yourself guides are popular way before well-known sites like Life hacker and even Make magazine was conceived. Sites like Tumblr, Reddit and most especially Pinterest made it even more accessible to have access to various how-to guides and allowed us to connect with other like-minded crafty and resourceful people. A niche in this specialized community that continues to grow in numbers are the tech geeks who hack their way to today’s technology. They are tech savvy and resourceful people with great knowledge about electrical components and processes. With printed circuit boards or PCBs, their projects are more feasible more than ever.

A printed circuit board is a very useful invention that made electrical circuits accessible to a large amount of people. It can be purchased relatively easy in electrical supply shops or personalized and printed for you. Due to its popularity and usefulness, it is an indispensable piece of tool that is going to last in this technology-obsessed society. But, due to specialized knowledge required to construct your own circuit board, tech DIYs do not have the same market that other how-to guides for crafts have. The emergence of PCBs and PCB fabrication services has begun changing the scene. With a rudimentary knowledge of circuit making and with guidance from PCB fabrication service professionals, it is now possible to design and have your circuits ready in a matter of days.


If you are not interested in tech in the first place, why should it matter to you? Having knowledge about PCBs or PCB fabrication processes even the basic concepts goes a long way especially in home care repairs and the like. Knowing about PCB fabrication and how they work can give you more freedom. In today’s society were most objects need to be connected to an electrical outlet at some point, knowledge about the very thing that makes them tick will save you a lot of time in the repair shop and it will be more economical. We are a strong believer of practical knowledge and a great starting point to learn these are by researching and doing DIYs.

It could be grueling to look for projects suited for your skill level that is why we have curated some tech DIY projects from popular websites and groups that can help you on your way.

  1. Greeting Cards

One of the simplest builds that we found is that of electronic greeting cards. We found battery powered builds that uses PCBs to power simple LED designs for cards like this holiday greeting card project.

  1. Lamps

This is one of the most popular builds in most sites. Modifying light fixtures for various functions are one of the most common builds by hobbyists. We found this neat DIY that modifies a lamp to become more powerful for lab work.

  1. Alarm Clocks

PCBsThis is another one of the most popular builds in tech DIYs. Most people have a difficult time waking up in the morning and various resourceful people have attempted to make the process more effective by modifying the sound of their alarms, some even attempted to include other functions like motion or weight sensors attached to the bed and other extreme measures like this money shredding alarm clock build (http://lifehacker.com/5808004/motivate-yourself-to-wake-up-with-a-diy-money-shredding-alarm-clock).

  1. Radios

This is one of our favorites. Though complex, this build does not only show the mechanisms underlying one of the oldest forms of mass communication but also encourages the repurposing of old broken units. This build in particular, repurposes an antique radio housing to be a modern speaker that can play podcasts and music using streaming applications (http://imgur.com/a/mVLxp).

  1. Phones

Yes, that is right you can make your own phone. It is not at the same level of smartphones but you can store contact information of your friends and receive calls and messages from them. This is such a cool build and a throwback to post-smartphone era. This is such a refreshing throwback (http://diy-devices.com/devices/cellphone/).

Hopefully these builds will inspire you to know more about PCBs and PCB fabrication.

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